Utopian Playground


That was the utopian Solar Punk board game exhibition, as part of the prelude to transmediale 2024

About the Event

From 26.01.-28.01.24, the Utopian Playground opened its portal during the Vorspiel Transmediale 2024. Initiated by designtransfer at feldfünf. Game design met solar punk, AI collided with art! 🚀🚀🚀

Where trees walk, animals talk and Elon Musk falls in love with a bus, new worlds emerge. We wanted to show that the path to utopia leads through the imagination of playful thinking.

p.s - and if you still need an avatar for a utopia, you can generate it here.

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26.-28. Januar 2024

Der Utopian Playground in Zahlen






Game Stations




»We have to play the future to change it 🎈«

— Motto of Utopian Playground

The Game Stations

The time travelled postcard

In this experiment, our visitors were able to write a postcard to their future selves, answering the question: My utopian wish for 2025. Our goal? To create a space for personal reflection alongside the interaction at the game stations. 🚀

A few examples of future wishes:

"Dear V. in the future, I wish that in a year's time today you will have made a film that you are proud of."
"Dear K. : Absolute utopia: You find true love. Has it become J.?"
"Hello future version T. Are you now a consultant, manager or organisational artist? PS. And kids?"

Games Marketplace

The Mini Games Station invited visitors to independently explore a variety of games with different mechanics - from traditional chess to innovative games such as the "What if...?" wheel, which opened up utopian futures through hypothetical scenarios. ⁉️🎲

Highlights included "Oh Woman", which conveyed knowledge about the female period in an entertaining card format, and the DATO synthesiser, which inspired guests to create their own music. 👾

Build Your Game Station

At the "Build Your Game Station", visitors had the opportunity to develop their own game from scratch. To begin with, they grabbed a game canvas from the box provided and carefully followed the instructions to be inspired to create their own playable utopias. 🗃️

The result of this process was a variety of original, self-developed games that ranged from deep strategic considerations to pure fun. The "Build Your Game Station" proved to be an enriching experience that not only fostered creativity and design understanding among the participants, but also created a sense of community among those who shared their passion for games. 🤝

Guided Sessions during the exhibition

The Games

Illustration of a normal UFO

Moonshot Regrowth

New narratives and radical innovations should develop a sustainable economy. Creativity techniques help to find ideas for a green world.

Illustration of a normal UFO


In ÜBERmorgen you create a new society in space and have to humorously co-operate with everyone and make difficult decisions along the way.

Illustration of a normal UFO

Future Shocks

In FUTURE SHOCKS you enter a narrative battleground. Players create associative futures based on current events.

Illustration of a normal UFO

Promt Studio

In the world of artificial "text-to-image" intelligences, images are not just images: They are words, values and statistics. Will you be able to decipher the commands behind the images?

Illustration of a normal UFO

Rebound Rumble

The idea of saving CO2 is praiseworthy in itself, but when this desire to save leads paradoxically to behaviour that does more harm than good for the climate, a complex problem arises.

Illustration of a normal UFO


Embedded in the narrative of the family celebration, hidden intentions and deliberate provocations create an explosive atmosphere at the table that must be endured with composure and calm.


When will the next Utopian Playground take place?

We're planning to scale the a utopian playground substantially in 2025. Subscribe to the Moonshot newsletter(http://www.moonshot.game/newsletter) for information on the next event.

What activities could I do on the Utopian Playground?

The Utopian Playground was a pop space to explore what the future could look like. You could play one of 6 renowned utopian games. You could create your own game. Or you could just drop by, check out the space, have a drink and share ideas!

What does this event have to do with transmediale 2024?

The Utopian Playground is part of the "Vorspiel", a satellite prefestival of transmediale 2024.

Who is behind the Utopian Playground?

The design and development of the Utopian Playground is being carried out by Playful Business, a start-up of Udk alumni Till Hasbach from Berlin, which develops games and playful experiences for organisations and has developed "Moonshot - The Innovation Game".

What does this event have to do with Udk Berlin?

Designtransfer von der Berliner Universität der Künste unterstützt die Präsentation von Studentenarbeiten in der Berliner Kunstszene. In Zusammenarbeit mit Playful Business wurde der Playground eingerichtet.

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