Moonshot – The Innovation Game


Innovation can’t just be planned. It requires more than linear methods, to find new solutions in a volatile, uncertain and ever changing world. That’s why we developed the Innovation Game Moonshot.

About Moonshot

In Moonshot you can experience the innovation process in a playful way. The players develop new ideas and compete against each other transforming them continuously using different creativity techniques. This requires associative thinking, a high level of resilience and the willingness to constantly engage with changing framework conditions. The result is a flurry of activity that reveals radically new perspectives on the players' ideas and sheds new light on previously unseen aspects.

The goal of Moonshot is not to produce market-ready products, but to teach meta competences that are indispensable for creative processes in complex times.

Companies using Moonshot

»The language of entrepreneurs is the language of play. They’re not out there solving problems; they’re out there playing – and it’s during this process that they’re coming up with disruptive technologies and life-changing products.«

— Bruce Nussbaum

A look at the cards

Challenge cards

The challenge cards open up surprising scenarios in dense narratives and lead the players to “challenge” and continually transform their ideas.

Item cards

The item cards embody drivers of the innovation processes. The players can use them to become hackers and change the framework conditions of the game in surprising ways.

Get your free digital deck of Moonshot Challenges

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Our Workshop-Formats


Bring a moonshot workshop to your company and experience the development of innovative ideas in a playful way.

  • Duration: 0,5 - 1 days


Learn Moonshot, get a game box and use Moonshot for the benefit of yourself or your organisation.

  • Duration: 2 to 4 days


Develop your own version of Moonshot and use it to establish a playful culture of innovation in your organisation.

  • Duration: 7 to 15 days

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About Playful Business

I am Till Hasbach, the founder of Playful Business. With the innovation game Moonshot and other methods from the field of gamification, we as support organizations in enriching innovation culture playfully.

Our growing team develops customized serious games solving company individual challenges in which participants can try things out without fearing negative consequences. They are motivating and thus train exactly what is possibly the most important competence for finding one's way in liquid times: an adaptive mindset.