On your way to a playful organisation

We are happy to customise Moonshot to your company's needs and help you get the best out of your team.

Innovation culture through gamification and serious games

In the Moonshot Lab, we help companies to grow into a more playful organisation. With the help of Moonshot, our serious game frameworks and various workshop formats, we develop your own game solutions with the team. After all, if you want to strengthen a company's ability to innovate, you have to start with the culture. Because new tools only makes sense if the culture allows for them.

In five simple steps

The journey to a playful organisation

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Play 1-2 days

By playing Moonshot, we activate the team to get involved in the process. Each game session aims to generate new insights and shows the added value that can be generated through the use of serious games.

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Research 2-3 days

Based on this, employees will reflect on what their drivers and inhibitors of innovation processes are. What makes them creative, what blocks them & how can they create an environment that makes a creative outcome more likely?

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Tinker 5-6 days

Co-creative development of your own moonshot version based on the desired cultural elements of the organisation. What are our challenges? What practices do we have, what practices do we want? Completion and testing of 1-2 prototypes.

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Production 1 month

Production of the moonshot version (digital and analogue) with your own unique content and design.

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Maintain 3-4 days

Support in the use of Moonshot and the cultivation of a more positive innovation culture with Moonshot.

Facts and figures

Moonshot has a lasting effect!


2.2 ×

Moonshot makes teams significantly more creative.



Companies use Moonshot regularly.



Ideas have already been generated with Moonshot.

Customised moonshot versions

Best Practices & Cases

Deutsche Telekom Foundation — Moonshot Edu

Promoting creative thinking in the classroom.

Together with the Deutsche Telekom Foundation, we have developed Moonshot for students aged 12-18. There isn't an english Version of Moonshot EDU yet available. If you'd like to have one, please give us a brief shout out.

The aim of this version is to strengthen the so-called 21st Century Skills: creativity, resilience, communication skills and to bring them to schools.

Moonshot EDU is currently being rolled out to 200 schools in Germany as part of further education programmes. If you work in a school education context and are interested in Moonshot, you can order Moonshot here Link.

how to save a world in a game

Moonshot Regrowth

Moonshot Regrowth is the "Solar Punk" expansion of Moonshot. Regrowth is set in a utopian world in which a sustainable economy has been developed with the help of new narratives and radical innovations. Now a balance must be struck: Between the race to the moon and saving planet earth.

The Regrowth Challenges cards are about stopping Elon Musk from driving his Tesla and finding solutions to climate depression. In Regrowth, players venture beyond the boundaries of innovation.

The Regrowth Item cards interact with the temperature of the world. Solar-powered giraffes, weather balloons and aquaponics systems: The Regrowth world expands through it's new cards' artefacts and new abilities.