Erlebe Moonshot, entwickle Ideen und lerne einen neuen Innovationsansatz kennen....

The idea workshop for teams
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A Moonshot Playground session is ideal for team retreats, offsites or formats to bring employees into direct exchange. You will develop new ideas, train out of the box thinking and generate new ideas in a playful way.

Your workshop day

You will experience the Moonshot Methodology, a new approach to innovation, develop new perspectives on a topic, product or issue as a team and foster creativity in your company or organization.

  • 🧑‍🤝‍🧑
    8-32 participants
  • 1/2 or 1 day
  • 📍
    On-site or remote possible


You will get an impulse with examples about Gamification & Innovation.

Ideation 1 HOUR

Then you playfully develop ideas for a challenge in your organization.


In competition with the other teams, you will experience a wide variety of creativity techniques in Moonshot and try to shoot your ideas to the moon before the others do.


At the end, you will reflect on the process and gain insights into how creativity and innovation can be fostered among you. One Game Master will accompany you per game table.


If it is important to you to seriously develop your ideas after the Moonshot game round and not just to generate new perspectives, you should plan a full day.

The session with Moonshot was not only really fun, but also the impetus for the development of a new product at our company.”

— Sonja Sinz, hppyppl GmbH


A Moonshot Playground Session is ideal for team retreats, offsites or formats to bring employees into the exchange. Click here to enter the most important information for your event and within 12 hours you will receive the offer for your Moonshot session.


Can I buy Moonshot?

Moonshot is unfortunately not available in stores at the moment. However, a card version of Moonshot is scheduled to launch in spring 2024. Alternatively, you can book a Moonshot Academy course. There, future gamemasters are trained, who can then lead their own Moonshot sessions and also receive one of the coveted Moonshot games.

Where can Moonshot be used?

Moonshot can be used in a variety of ways. As a new innovation method, as a creativity promotion or simply as a teambuilding measure, where you not only have a lot of fun, but maybe also learn something new.

How much does a Moonshot session cost?

This varies and always depends on how many people participate in the session and how long the session should last. Just send us a non-binding request and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

With how many players can I play Moonshot?

A moonshot session can be played with 4-12 people. The ideal number of people at a table is 8. If you want to play with more than 12 people in your organization, that's of course no problem. Several sessions can always be played in parallel.