Moonshot Academy

Next training starts on November 14

Complete the 2.5-day Game Master training at Moonshot Academy, receive your game box, and use Moonshot professionally.

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Create playful flow moments

Moonshot is a flow experience that swirls knowledge, provokes the exchange of thoughts, and supports team building.

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Create a space for pressure testing

Moonshot functions as a testing environment that challenges existing prototypes for their weaknesses and generates honest feedback.

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Exercise creativity and bold thinking

Moonshot trains creative thinking and provides a space for people to jump over their shadows and develop bold ideas.

How to use Moonshot

Moonshot can be used in different contexts. Whether individuals, teams or entire organizations - everyone can grow through play.

For you

Use playful effectiveness

At Moonshot Academy you will experience the potential of gamification. You train your creativity and develop a playful mindset. This way, you stay flexible in your mind even in serious situations and manage to create innovative solutions.

For teams

Taking others on this journey

With Moonshot you strengthen team cohesion, improve the exchange of ideas and inspire to think more courageously. Topics like error culture and better feedback can be initiated while real out of the box thinking can be practiced.

For companies

Playful organizational development

With Moonshot, you have a tool to playfully shape innovation culture in organizations. Moonshot not only creates a framework for more creative work, but is also ideal for starting larger transformation projects with organizations.

Your Moonshot Journey

Over a 2-week period, the Game Master training will teach you everything you need to apply Moonshot within your organization or consulting projects.

Round #3
10 November - Intro Online
14 November - Workshop in Berlin
28 November - Conclusion Online

  • πŸ•Ή
    We train you as a game leader
  • πŸ’β€β™‚οΈ
    You benefit from the experience of others
  • πŸ‘¬
    Together we bring Playful Innovation to companies

Kick-Off 10.11.22

Together with up to 7 other astronauts, you start your Moonshot journey digitally. You'll learn about the methodology, test out playful methods and find out which best practices you can use to solve difficult game situations.

2 hours Digital

Workshop in Berlin 14.11.22

Here you will experience a Moonshot session, train your creativity in a playful way and get a practical training for the use of Moonshot. At the end of the day you will receive a Moonshot game box with all important materials.

1 day On site in Berlin

Practical application In between

Whether with friends, colleagues or customers: You test the use of Moonshot in a context of your choice and get feedback.

In your surroundings

Closing 28.11.22

For the finale, all participants meet again digitally. In the exchange, you report on your mission; what exciting insights and questions you had along the way. At the end you will receive your Moonshot Game Master certificate.

2 hours Digital

Alumni network Forever ❀️

You are now officially a Moonshot trainer. Herewith you get the entrance to the Moonshot-Alumni-Network. In this community we exchange information about playful methods, serious games and current innovations in the field of playfulness.

Online community

Game Master Training

For individuals β€” 1500€ plus VAT
  • πŸ‘‰
    A 2.5-day Game Master training course
  • πŸ‘‰
    A Moonshot game box
  • πŸ‘‰
    The license for the use of Moonshot
  • πŸ‘‰
    Access to the Moonshot community The license for the use of Moonshot

Moonshot for Company

For companies from 5+ people β€” Upon request
  • πŸ‘‰
    Everything from the Game Master package
  • πŸ‘‰
    Individual support after the training
  • πŸ‘‰
    Access to the digital version of Moonshot
  • πŸ‘‰
    One additional Moonshot game box
  • πŸ‘‰
    An annual update of all playing cards from Moonshot

β€œWith Moonshot, you have a multitool in your method case with which you can inspire people and place playful thinking at the center of innovation processes.”

β€” Till Hasbach, Moonshot Co-Founder

The next training begins on 14 October

Join one of the first cohorts of the Moonshot Academy. Learn everything you need to use Moonshot successfully. Start your journey into game-based innovation development with Moonshot.


How many people can I play Moonshot with at the same time?

A Moonshot round can be played with a team of up to 12 participants at a time and is led by you as the Game Master.

Can Moonshot be combined with other agile methods? Ist Moonshot mit anderen agilen Methoden kombinierbar?

Moonshot can easily be combined with other agile methods, such as Design Thinking, Scrum, Design Sprints or Lego Serious Play. 
It is particularly suitable at the very beginning of an ideation process to significantly increase creativity in the team and to swirl thoughts - or at the end to "pressure test" results that have emerged in Moonshot.

When is Moonshot Game Master training right for me?

If you are a trainer/coach yourself, work in a start-up with 1 - 5 people or pay Moonshot from your company's training budget, the Game Master training is the right package for you.

When is the Moonshot for Company package relevant for me?

If you are a company with 5+ employees and are strategically interested in Moonshot as a consulting and transformation tool, then Moonshot for Company is suitable. Since there are some customization options here (number of game boxes & number of Game Master training, support package, updates), the cost is variable. Feel free to contact us for a free consultation to hear if Moonshot for Company is right for your organization.

Will I get an official certification?

Yes! After completing the training, you will receive an official Moonshot Game Master certificate. You will be licensed to include Moonshot in your work contexts and you will be able to indicate that you are a Moonshot Game Master on LinkedIn, for example.

Is there a digital version of Moonshot?

Yes, there is. Access to it is included in the Moonshot for Companies package. However, it can be booked by individuals when purchasing tickets for the Game Master training.

How does it work with the license of Moonshot?

When you have completed the Game Master training, you get the license to use Moonshot commercially. If you bring Moonshot into your company in the Moonshot for Company program, then this license will cost a little bit per year. However, you get a regular update of all game materials.

Can someone other than me use my Moonshot license?

This group training is designed for individual entrepreneurs to learn Moonshot and add it to their methodological toolbox. If your company is interested in using Moonshot commercially, please contact us at to get a package tailored to your company.

How many participants are participating in the training?

There will be a maximum of 8 participants in one training. This ensures that there is good supervision and room for questions and interaction.

You are interested in the training but do not have time right now?

Currently there are data for two Moonshot volumes. You can register for them via "register now" in the header. If you don't have time for this but are still interested, just send a short mail to and you will be notified when future years start.